Added value for your IBM Cognos environment

ReportFellow by objective partner is a collection of process-optimizing IBM Cognos add-ons with which developers as well as project and IT managers can plan and manage their IBM Cognos projects more efficiently. On the client side, ReportFellow is divided into four main areas: Development, Testing, Administration and Version & Control.

Main benefits

  • Increased efficiency in development, maintenance and operations.
  • Cost reduction through error prevention.
  • Planning capability through transparency for project supervisors and managers.


Automated IBM Cognos deployment

ReportFellow provides automated mechanisms not only for deploying individual objects in a target environment, but also checking their executability. Manual transfer of IBM Cognos archive files is no longer necessary. Optionally, all permissions (groups/roles and users) are transferred, and reports are activated in the target environment. Manual administrative intervention is no longer necessary.

Automated maintenance of reports

ReportFellow identifies relevant reports in advance and subsequently validates executability. Any errors are detected immediately and can be corrected so as to prevent a release of corrupt reports.

IBM migration and new release

ReportFellow greatly facilitates migration through a transfer of content-store objects between different environments and automated checks of executability there. Errors are easily localized and can be corrected. Rapid migration and error-free results guarantee the availability of information of relevance to your decisions.

Report testing and error remedy

Development results can be validated regularly as part of timed checks. Immediate correction prevents erroneous reports from being rolled out.

Project controlling for the management

This allows project progress to be tracked by monitoring the status of individual reports. It also permits better estimates of the scope and the complexity of your environment via various metrics and information. Clarity is provided through various items of information on reports and the environment.

Report versions and recovery

IBM Cognos incorporates no change history, and changes cannot be undone. ReportFellow allows you to manage reports, dashboards, packages and folders via version management. In addition, each object version is restorable at all times.


ReportFellow – Test

ReportFellow tests can be used to automatically validate your reports and thereby assure their quality. In the case of regression tests, pre-defined report sets are automated and undergo timed checks, the results being clearly logged. Thanks to a clear representation of contents, composition and source, ReportFellow tests allow you to navigate from report objects as far as database attributes.

Main functions

  • Automated validation of a number of reports.
  • Demarcation of error levels (errors or warnings).
  • Logging of test results in a file or database, optionally including generated SQL or MDX.

Additional functions

  • Analysis of reports and clear representation of report elements.
  • Full graphical representation of data sources - from report elements through package elements right up to data source structures (database or cube).
  • Impact analysis for testing dependencies.

ReportFellow – Development

ReportFellow makes it possible to increase efficiency through automation. Encapsulation of function groups in tasks provides you with unprecedented speed, whether for bulk changes, modifications to report specifications or full documentation of your reports.

Bulk changes

  • Automatic report documentation in PDF or Excel format.

Additional functions

  • Simple backup and restore of selected reports or complete folders and packages.
  • Export of object metadata to Excel.
  • Comfortable searching and editing of report specifications.
  • Display of object properties.
  • Automatic update of reports, for example, after package updates or IBM Cognos version changes.
  • Enhanced readability of report specifications through a refactoring approach.
  • Copying, deletion and renaming of content-store objects.


The administration tasks of IBM Cognos are very wide-ranging. ReportFellow administration provides a set of functions greatly facilitating administration. Quality is improved significantly through reduced manual intervention.

Bulk changes

  • Direct deployment between different environments (e.g. between development and test or production) without manual intervention.
  • Clear editing of permissions for groups, roles, IBM Cognos objects and functions.
  • Ability to modify stored parameter values for selected reports.
  • Clean-up of the content store through deletion of stored output versions.

Additional functions

  • Comfortable searching and editing of published packages (including find & replace).
  • Support in managing data sources.
  • Granting of authorizations for users.

ReportFellow – Version & Control

Logging of changes, any required access to historical versions, quick overviews of project statuses - all this is provided by ReportFellow's Version & Control. Also included is logging of the development status for each individual report, and provision of a change history for maximum transparency and security with regard to your IT compliance.

Essential functions

  • Administration of related reports and packages in projects.
  • Change history management.

What our Customers say about ReportFellow

Numerous customers already work successfully with our IBM Cognos add-ons and are demonstrably optimizing their business intelligence landscape.

Degussa Bank AG

“Since 2013, Degussa Bank has successfully deployed ReportFellow as a tool for migration tasks and documentation support. objective partner was able to perform seamless integration into the system environment. We find it a very useful tool.“

Dirk Weinert
Treasury Management

EBV Elektronik

“For us as a company with more than 800 IBM Cognos users, ReportFellow greatly facilitates deployment as well as finding & replacement of attributes and report elements. ReportFellow support from Weinheim ensures short response times. Due to the high degree of automation and time saved as a result, the tool pays for itself within a few months.”

Christian Hettler
Manager SAP, DWH & B2B

TOYOTA Informations-Systeme GmbH

“As an added effect, the tool provides us with decisive transparency in the course of deployment. We are now able to keep track of every report during its various stages of development", states Wittig with regard to the further benefits of opVersion & Control. "The reports contained in the standard allow progress monitoring on an individual basis and for entire projects."

Uwe Wittig
IT Enterprise Architecture and BI

BITMARCK Beratung GmbH

“As an operator of large IBM Cognos installation for over 60 clients in the statutory health insurance sector, we use objective partner's ReportFellow on a daily basis. With more than 15,000 IBM Cognos reports, functions for validation and revision have become indispensable for us. We are thus able to utilize the time saved with ReportFellow for tasks in the fields of development and project management.“

Reiner Kräutle
Abteilungsleiter Analyse & BI

Vattenfall GmbH

“We use ReportFellow as a reliable tool for analysis and revision of reports, as well as their deployment on different target systems as part of monthly group reporting.“

Patrick Gerstel
Finance Reporting Solutions

Sonepar Deutschland Information Services GmbH

“objective partner has convinced us withe its notable competence as regards data-warehousing and IBM“, concludes Holger Richarz. "We are especially impressed by the team's high responsiveness and flexibility, guaranteeing smooth and rapid progress during projects."

Holger Richarz
Abteilungsleiter IT Vertriebsprozesse

Telefónica o2 Germany & Co. OHG

“The team at objective partner has displaced exceptional competence in report development and modelling in Cognos. In combination with iterative feedback loops involving user participation, this has allowed us to make decisive progress in the performance and desgin of the BI application.“

Andreas Fuchsluger
Senior Projektleiter Reporting Development

Huhtamaki Ronsberg

“By installing IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, we now have a purchasing control system which gives us an advantage over our competitors. With objective partner on board here, we had an innovative data-warehousing specialist who provided us with extremely competent support in the customized implementation of current IBM Cognos trends.“

Kurt Käuffer
Senior Purchasing Manager

Informations Service Center Münster

“For several years, we at ISC Münster have successfully used ReportFellow for the benefit of our costumers, for example, for backup of individual reports or adaptations during package changes.“

Sabine Schneider
Fachberatung – Grund- und Zusatzprodukte


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